🌟Getting Started

Here you can find any everything you need to know to get you started on your OrchardMC adventure!

Start your Adventure

Getting started is very easy! All you have to do is load into the server, accept the custom resource pack and run the command /rtp or /warps to be randomly teleported to a spot in the world where you’ll be able to start your adventure.

If you’re unsure about certain features or want to learn more about server mechanics when you join, running the command /serverguide will bring up lots of useful information!

Claim your Free rank and Kits

As soon as you join you can also claim your free Trial Rank, which you can get by running the command /freerank. This trial rank lasts for 5 days and can’t be used more than once, but it’ll allow you to have an easy and fun start!

Once you’ve done this, you can also run the command /kits for some gear to get you started!

Kits are bundles you can claim weekly depending on your rank, and they contain plenty of goods to help you in your adventure, from cool gear and armor of varying levels of rarity and enchantments, to ores and food to keep you going.

Set a Home and Claim your Land

Once you find a cool spot to set up your new home, you can use the command /set home [name] to ensure you can always teleport back to it when you want!

You can have multiple homes (the exact amount varies depending on your rank), and you can identify each of them by the name you give them. Once you’re ready to teleport back to one of them, just run the command /home [name]!

Here are some other useful Home commands! If you want to see a list of all the homes you have set, just run the command /home by itself, and if you want to delete a home, use the command /delhome [name].

To protect your new home from griefing, you can claim your land. To do this, you need claim blocks! You get some to start out, and you can get more depending on your rank and your progression, but you can also win them from crates or purchase them at /appleshop.

If you have enough claim blocks, all you need to do is use a golden shovel (you can obtain one by running the command /kit claim), and then click on the two opposite corners of your property.

You can learn more about how to set up your claim here!

Now you’ve got all the information you need to start your adventure! We can’t wait to see you on The OrchardMC! 🍎

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